Automation is Nothing Without Strategy

3 Reasons SMS Messaging Works

The rise of SMS messaging in the call center industry is revolutionizing the way companies communicate with customers. Once, businesses relied solely on phone calls. Now, they can leverage the benefits of a text-based interface, which leads to an improved user...
The Importance of Holiday Marketing

The Importance of Holiday Marketing

Halloween marks the start of the holiday season, and the time you have left for the rest of the year goes by fast. A lot of businesses see a dip in revenue in the 4th quarter. You may be tempted to whip out the classic ‘holiday sales’ to try and grab in last minute...
Texting Your Customers? Here are Some Tips to Keep in Mind

Response Time and Conversion Rates

Instant communication is the level most companies strive to achieve with their clients. With companies like Amazon in most people’s daily lives, the gratification of getting their needs meant as soon as possible has become the norm. If you’ve ever received a call...
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