As a leads-based business, we have all experienced the phenomenon of a prospect showing interest then ghosting you shortly after. It’s baffling to think that someone would spend the time filling out a form and answering questions only to completely disappear moments later. This is why Spead-to-Lead exists; because we know that the longer a lead sits, the less likely they will be willing to engage later.

What is causing them to change their mind about your business? 

For starters, big-ticket services are difficult to stomach for the average person. Human psychology dictates that a majority of humans will choose a quick boost of dopamine over something that will provide a larger supply of dopamine later on. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter (fancy name for a biological material that affects how your brain processes emotions) that is responsible for making you feel good.  

Filling out a form or progressing TOWARDS a project you know you ultimately are going to have to do tells your brain “Good job! You’re one step closer to doing that thing you have to do”. This signals people to feel like they can take a break, and that is why calling them right away to convert can be an uphill battle. How do you turn that reluctant continuation of a task into an engaging conversation? 

This is where strategic mirroring comes into play. The first thing you want to do is let the prospect talk about themselves and their pain points that caused them to want to work with you. This is a low barrier of entry to a conversation because most people don’t have to think hard about how to talk about something that is bothering them. Remember, your service is a SOLUTION to the prospects problem. Repeat their points back to them while offering small nuggets of conversation that will lead towards booking an appointment.  

Use the information you’ve learned about your prospect to pick a good time in the conversation to suggest moving forward with work. If you’ve established good rapport, your client will be much more relaxed and willing to speak with you versus their disposition at the start of the conversation. That’s why prioritizing compelling messaging over speed is how we train call center agents. Keep your lead conversion high by utilizing what you know about your clients! 

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