A Guide To Using SMS Business Texting To Get Maximum Impact

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Benjie Malinao

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The most cost-effective marketing channel, text messaging has proven itself time and again as a powerful tool for reaching customers and prospects. But there are some things to know before you begin using text messaging in your business.

SMS has become a powerful tool for businesses to communicate with their customers. In fact, according to research from, 90% of consumers prefer text messages over email or phone calls.

In fact, SMS Texting offers small to medium businesses maximum impact when used for their business needs.

But did you know that SMS marketing isn’t limited to sending out promotional offers? There are plenty of ways you can use SMS to engage with your audience and build relationships.

Text messaging is a great way to connect with your customers. It allows you to reach them at any time and anywhere, without having to rely on network coverage. And since they don’t require much effort, you can send messages whenever you want.

As mobile phones become ubiquitous, SMS is becoming less relevant. Many companies now offer their own apps instead of sending out texts. This makes it harder to track responses and measure performance.

However, there are still plenty of reasons why text messaging should remain a key component of your marketing plan.

Tips to get Started

1) Send Out Regular Messages – Every day, week, month, or seasonally, you can send out regular messages to your customers. These could include special offers, promotions, reminders, or just general information about your business.

2) Promote Events – Text messages can be great for promoting events and encouraging attendance, and when used for special events, you can reach a wide audience quickly.

3) Ask Questions – When someone asks a question about your business, you can answer it directly in a text message because the user can respond with a simple “yes” or “no” and then send that response to your CRM system. In addition, you can also set up automated responses to questions so that when a customer sends you a question, you automatically reply with a pre-written response. This is especially useful if you are using a service like Channel Automation where you can create canned messages that will be sent automatically based on certain criteria.

Channel automation

4) Offer Help – You have a lot of ways you can offer help or assistance to your customers as a brand. People love receiving helpful tips and advice. They also like to know that someone cares enough to offer assistance. By answering common questions, providing advice on how to solve problems, and providing recommendations about what products would be most useful, you can do all of this without spending much on your marketing budget.

5) Announce Changes – Sometimes, you want to let your customers know about changes before they happen. You can announce new products, services, hours, etc., in a timely manner. 

6) Keep Customers Updated – Letting your customers know about any updates to your business can make them feel valued. It shows that you care about them and their experience. This is a great way to keep your customers informed without having to send out emails or post on social media.

7) Provide Feedback – One of the ways to demonstrate your appreciation for your customers is by providing them with feedback, and one of the easiest ways to do this is by sending them a text message.

8) Give Away Prizes – One of the best things you can do for your business is giving away prizes. Whether it’s free samples, discounts, or even tickets to events, giving something away can really boost sales.

9) Get Customer Input – By asking your customers what they think about your business, you can gain valuable insight into how your business can improve, and SMS marketing is the easiest way of getting a quick response from your customers. 

10) Upsell with text messaging – Depending on your customer’s order history, send them recommendations based on their previous purchases. For instance, if they bought a product last time, recommend another similar product. While this will take some time, you can group your customers in batches according to their purchases.

11) Increase Engagement – By using text messaging, you can build relationships with your customers. This means that you can stay in touch with them and continue to engage with them over time.

12) Build Loyalty – If you’re able to maintain a relationship with your customer base, then you’ll have loyal followers who will come back to your business again and again.

13) Reconnect with previous customers – You can use text messages to remind your prior customers that you’re still running a business and that you’ve got some new products or services you’d like them to check out.

If you are going to send a message to your customers, consider one of the following options:

It’s been a while since we’ve seen you. Come back within the next month, and we’ll give you 10% off.”


Are you still interested in our products? Contact us with any questions you may have. We’re here to help!

Ensure, however, that your customers have clear contact instructions so that they can respond at their convenience without having to search online.

14) Reach New Audiences – With text messaging, you can reach audiences that wouldn’t normally visit your website or shop at your physical location.

15) Communicate via text with new leads – You certainly want to gain new leads to grow your business. If you are engaging with prospective customers on your website, social media, or at a shop or trade show, ask them for their contact information so that you can send them special offers.

Hopefully you won’t go overboard with the texting (which, believe me, you’ll want to keep or you’ll lose them forever), but at least you’ll have a new way to get in touch with them.

In conclusion, whether you use SMS or email to market your business, it’s important that you get in front of your customers. This can be done using the right messages and at the right time. Texting offers a direct and more personal communication method for those looking for immediate responses. If not for quick answers, then definitely for more targeted content.

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