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When videos are sent through default texting apps on mobile devices, they tend to take you away from the conversation and send you to a platform where you can watch the full video. To continue the conversation, you have to close out the application that opened and return to your text messages to keep talking. As many B2C business owners know, any redirection away from the original conversation runs the risk of clients not returning to continue to a purchase. The goal is always to keep them in the original place of inquiry for the best user experience. So how do you send an awesome, compelling video without taking them somewhere else? The answer is In-line videos.

The Personal Experience

In-line videos are short, to the point, and can be played within a text message without taking the person away from the text. They are excellent tools for introducing yourself to your clients before an appointment, so they recognize you before the meeting. It’s also a much more dynamic method to requesting they give you a good review on services. Imagine reading a review request, versus seeing the person who helped you asking directly. The human experience is added back in seamlessly using In-line videos.

There’s a short window in which the client is actively engaged speaking with you, versus getting distracted by their everyday life. Reading lines of text versus watching a 10 second video can convey your message faster and hold their attention longer. Think about how social media has migrated to a more visual experience for the average user. This isn’t by change, it is due to human psychology. Anything that visually changes automatically attracts our eyes.

Strategy of In-line Videos

What’s the more effective way of using In-line videos? To start, develop and practice a script. Your script should follow the pattern: hook, explanation, call to action.


Hook – Nobody is reading your long messages.

Explanation – Send a video that delivers your message in a way that will keep your client’s interest.

Call to Action – Try out Channel Automation’s In-line video service and see the difference in your client’s response time.

A video like this would take less than 10 seconds to cover, and you can include interesting graphics or a live human talking. In-line videos also load quickly on text messages and can be sent in a cadence that follows up on people who haven’t responded. Pair this with custom text messages that specifically speak to the client about their project, and you can easily develop a completely automated strategy keep communication tight with your clients.

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