New! Native Sendinblue Integration for Channel Automation


Vic Sun

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Are you looking for a way to automate your email campaigns without having to write code? Do you hate writing scripts? Then you need to check out our new integration with SendinBlue!

Mini-Apps is packaged External Request. In an external request action, you need to configure all the parameters, set inputs and outputs which can be a hassle. Besides, users without coding knowledge might don’t know how to call an API correctly.

This MiniApp has been created to make it easier for our customers to connect with Sendinblue software, and eliminates the need for a third-party app or API.

With the new MiniApp, you can:

  • Directly add contacts to SendinBlue from channel automation.
  • Directly update contacts in SendinBlue from channel automation.
  • Add Contact to a list directly from channel automation to SendinBlue.
  • Create a webhook via channel automation to trace email open, read, and clicks.

All you have to do is enter your SendinBlue credentials, and we will handle everything else.

This makes it super simple to create beautiful email templates and send out automated emails with just a few clicks.

What’s most interesting using this mini app is you can create a notification to send to your phone, slacks or teams to track your open rates, click through, etc. using webhook feature and since it integrates directly into our platform, you won’t have to worry about any headaches.

Where can you use this miniApp inside Channel Automation? 

The tool can be used with any channel we support, depending on your plan. 

If you’re not already using Channel Automation, now is the perfect time to try it out. We think you’ll love the new Sendinblue MiniApp!

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