How Channel Automation helped an ecommerce company's agent response time significantly.

Customer Stories
Dormeo USA, an e-commerce brand whose primary products are mattresses and mattress toppers, came to us seeking a solution for their Customer Care team. Scott Reid, CEO of Dormeo North America, explained how their rapid growth was revealing limitations of current software.
  • 3 platforms, integrated to one


  • Reduced human errors by


  • Increased agent response time by


Dormeo’s ordering process was comprised of three platforms:

  1. Gorgias, a helpdesk management system that they were using as their CRM to track of their order status.
  2. Shopify, their ecommerce platform.
  3. Shipwire, used to track location and shipment of items.

The more software they were forced to add to accomplish their daily goals, the more logins and licenses they needed. Licenses are expensive, and monitoring who is coming and going in a large Customer Care team can be time consuming. This created not only a security risk, but also widened the margin of human error transferring information from platform to platform. 

The Solution

The first issue our team tackled is setting up a preview of Shopify order information on Gorgias.

While this provided an easy way for the Customer Care team to view order information without leaving the Gorgias system, it did mean that a lot of people had eyes on private customer information regardless if it was relevant to them.

The Dormeo team challenged us by asking if we could limit what was shown to their team at the customer service level and have another view showing to managers and above. 

The Channel Automation team developed a chat system that required an active company email to log in and use. Once logged in, simply enter the order number and the system will return the current status of that client’s order. The shipping status information would be pulled from ship wire and the customer order information would be pulled from both Shopify and Gorgias. 

Effectively, an agent could get a client summary while also having the ability to edit some information (such as address, phone number, or name) without a manager needing to step in. For example, if an address was entered incorrectly, the app would ask the user which section needs to be updated and make the change across all systems instantly.

If an agent left Dormeo and their email was deactivated, they would no longer be able to access or use this app. If information needs to be updated or changed, the app allows the user to update and save changes to individual data for each system.

The Result

Dormeo’s initial process involved individually updating each system with the correct customer information manually. This was time consuming and customer updated information would frequently be forgotten, resulting in returns and confusion in Dormeo’s clients. The ability to make changes all in one app reduced the chances of human error made things smoother for both the Dormeo agents and clients. 

Besides security, our app has actively reduced agent response time. No more need to jump back and forth between multiple platforms to find partial information or experience systems randomly logging out. 

Also, no more need for agents to contact tech support to recover their password if one of the 3 were forgotten. All changes took place on one app. 

We were using several platforms to accomplish our goal. Channel Automation has replaced these platforms as a fully integrated platform from which we can base our operations.

Scott Reid, CEO at Dormeo