Everest Home Improvement

How Channel Automation increased conversion rates in less than 3 months

Customer Stories
Everest Home Improvement reached out to the Channel Automation team with the goal of acquiring more leads for their home remodeling business. The Everest Team has great rapport with their community and were relying on referrals for their main lead flow.
  • Set rate


  • Connect rate


  • Additional revenue in a month


The Challenge

  • Establish connection between Buyerlink and Lead Perfection so all new Everest leads coming in would go directly to their CRM
  • Develop flows for video text messages: Initial Contact and Follow Up. Deliver content with videos that encourage client engagement
  • Develop flows for those who did not respond to first messages

The Solution

Buyerlink would collect leads for the Everest Team, and simultaneously send over the prospect information to Channel Automation, Lead Perfection, and an alert on Microsoft Teams. Once our team saw a lead come in, we would contact them to set an appointment through text or phone call. Our team entered the result from the conversation into Lead Perfection and Buildertrend.

The Result

The Channel Automation and Buyerlink team was able to increase conversion and set rates for Everest Home Improvement in less than 3 months.

Before implementation, Everest was at a 10% connect rate, 3% set rate, and had $0 in sales in July. They began purchasing Buyerlink leads in the 3rd quarter of 2022 for Baths, Basements, and kitchens.

From August – October of 2022, we increased the connect rate to an average of 33% consistently. Our connect rate at times was as high as 50% with a 30-40% net close ratio. Our total marketing spend during this time was $10,140. Our marketing efficiency was 20x normal spend. In other words, for every $1 we invested, we had a $20 return!

Ever since we started utilizing Channel Automation, it’s allowed us to touch base, schedule appointments seamlessly, and communicate with our customers.

Channel Automation has allowed us to connect with clients in a swift, incredibly efficient manner, that helps us maximize our marketing efforts.

Chris Schumacher, Co-Owner at Everest Chris Schumacher, Co-Owner at Everest