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How Channel Automation increased a home improvement company's Set and Issue Rate

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Channel Automation worked with Buyerlink, a lead generator, who agreed to help MODE and our team with collecting local leads for our team to convert on.
  • Set rate increased by


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Increasing MODE’s Set and Issue Rate

Channel Automation was contacted by MODE Renovation to help them get leads for their home remodeling business. Since MODE is a newer company, establishing credibility with homeowners in the area was high priority. Channel Automation works with Buyerlink, a lead generator, who agreed to help MODE and our team with collecting local leads for our team to convert on.

Using their CRM, LeadPerfection, we were able to create an automated cadence of receiving leads while simultaneously notifying callers to contact and convert as soon as possible.

The Challenge

  • Connect Buyerlink to MODE’s CRM Lead Perfection
  • Set up notification on Microsoft Teams so all new leads would notify Channel Automation to call
  • Calibrate Buyerlink to serve leads that best fit MODE’s prospects
  • Keep all systems up to date with lead and sale information
  • Report to MODE weekly numbers and how they compare to monthly goals

The Solution

Goals for set ratesales count, and sales volume would be set before the beginning of each month. All results would be recorded, and we would meet weekly with the client for weekly check-ins on progress. Meetings with Buyerlink also happened weekly where we would give their team feedback on quality of the leads, and calibrate zips and locations based on our success.

The Result

The Channel Automation and Buyerlink tag team was able to increase conversion and set rates for MODE Renovations in less than 3 months. Before we implemented everything, MODE was at a 10% connect rate and 10% set rate.

MODE went from 0 sales in July, to a combined 3-month total of 11 sales with $116,723 volume near the end of October of 2022.

We are consistently improving the connect/answer and set rate, and project 30%-40% by the end of the 4th quarter. Our marketing spend was a total of $5,070 with an efficiency of 23X total spend. In other words, for every $1 we invited, we had a $28 return!

If you want to increase your set and conversion rate, Channel Automation has you covered.

Before Channel Automation was setup, all of our calls, text messages and emails–it was all manual. It was very stressful and it was very time consuming.

Since it was first automated, we became the first company making first contact with customers when they wanted information on a bath remodel, kitchen or any home project.

Ryan Keene, CEO at Mode Renovations Ryan Keene, CEO at Mode Renovations