Paramount Builders, Inc.

Paramount Builders Call Center Revamp

Customer Stories
Paramount’s previous method of lead collection did not include detailed tracking and metrics of their call center team, and they were making outbound calls using a mix of Hatch, Five9, and personal cell phones. Leads entering their CRM were being marked incorrectly, and call center agents were not utilizing their work time effectively.
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The Solution

The Channel Automation Team took a multi-part approach to organizing their call center:

  1. All inbound and outbound calls would go through agent profiles on Five9. Calls would automatically be recorded and agent activity on and off calls would be accessible to Supervisors.
  2. All incoming leads would be attributed to their specific source within both Five9 and their CRM. Unused source names would be removed, and all sources would have ID numbers that would match in both systems.
  3. Call center management would be coached on how to use Five9 effectively and would be given guidance on tracking call center agent activity.

The Result

Paramount agents were all moved into Five9 under their own personal profiles. Their on-call, after call, and inactivity is now tracked on a customized manager dashboard. Managers can view agent activity and can listen in on both live and recorded calls to ensure agents are following training procedures.

Reporting is set up on Five9 to run specific call information relating to source and agents. This ensures that the sales could be completely tracked from initial phone call all the way to end of sale between Five9 and their CRM. Reporting is organized by Paramount’s specific needs for tracking agent performance and quality of incoming leads by source.

Lastly, our team dedicated hours each week toward training supervisor and management within the call center, and ensuring they had a good understanding of the system. Managers are spending less time tracking down leads, and more time managing their agent groups.

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