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Here is another episode of Channel Automation Podcast! In this opportunity, we have a special guest, Stephen White, a local Five9 call center expert, and Savannah from Install America. They dive deep into diagnosing common issues with Five9 and discuss techniques to convert leads effectively.

Watch the full episode:

Main Takeaways

Running Key Reports

Utilizing reports like “Where Are My Leads” can help understand lead status and identify any potential issues.

Live-Updated vs. Daily Uploaded Lists

Understanding the different types of lists and their updating mechanisms is crucial to ensure leads are dialed appropriately.

Max Attempts in Campaign Profile

Setting the correct number of attempts in the campaign profile ensures leads are dialed as intended and prevents them from being underutilized.


Optimizing Five9 performance requires a comprehensive understanding of how the system operates. By regularly running reports, adjusting campaign profiles, and ensuring lead lists are updated properly, call centers can convert leads more efficiently and avoid running out of leads.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I diagnose lead conversion issues in Five9?

Running key reports like “Where Are My Leads” and understanding list updating mechanisms can help identify and solve lead conversion issues.

Why are my agents waiting for leads to be dialed?

Adjusting the campaign profile settings, such as the number of attempts, can improve lead dialing frequency and reduce idle times for agents.

How do I handle lead list updates from Lead Perfection to Five9?

Ensure you understand the difference between live-updated lists and daily uploaded lists, and consider using the “Purge list before upload” feature in Five9 to update lead data effectively.

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