How to Use Chatbots to Boost Sales


Vic Sun

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Everyone is using chatbots, and at this point delaying implementation will make your company fall behind
However, while chatbots are beneficial, you must know the proper ways to leverage these benefits. How should you use chatbots on your websites to maximize sales? This is an important question.
Well, this article is the answer you need. In this piece, we explain various ways you can utilize chatbots to efficiently increase your business sales. So let’s get started.

What are chatbots and how can they impact your sales?

Chatbots are AI-driven assistants designed using machine learning to communicate like real human agents.
These programs are coded using artificial intelligence and machine learning to mimic and understand human emotions and respond accordingly in a natural, neutral tone to provide experiences as if customers were speaking to a real human agent. Therefore, this type of artificial intelligence can guide your customers through their purchases and help them finalize them!

How can a chatbot help with your sales?

Often, users have questions about products before buying them online, which may lead them to refrain from purchasing or delay their purchases. By implementing chatbots on your website, you can break down that barrier! Since bots are trained to respond to all sorts of inquiries customers may have about your products or services, they can help your customers decide to make their purchases without delay.

Techniques for using chatbots to maximize sales

Use chatbots to greet visitors and make suggestions: You can use chatbots to welcome your visitors and suggest what’s available on your website. These offers give the user a direction to explore your website, and they might find what they’re looking for sooner, which would support their buying decision.

Use chatbots to gather customer information for the future: In addition to using chatbots to engage in conversations with customers simply by asking them about their interests, you can also use chatbots to gather more customer information for the future, such as email addresses or contact numbers for future campaigns.

Use chatbots to provide product information: Customers read product information before making a purchase decision. However, they might not want to navigate your website to find information about a particular product they wish to buy. Fill in the product information that’s available to customers, and you can do this through chatbots.

Use chatbots to send reminders to complete purchases: When you leave any e-commerce platform without completing your purchase and leave some items in the cart, essentially abandoning the cart, you receive instant messaging and email about completing your purchase. Right?

With Channel Automation’s HumAIn chatbots, you can go beyond the typical reminders. These advanced chatbots can also reschedule customers for a rehash after a canceled appointment, provide answers to commonly asked questions, address industry-specific inquiries, request reviews, and react to client status by sending them relevant reminders and information.

Well, this is done through chatbots.

You can automate your chatbots to send messages and emails for abandoned carts and encourage customers to complete their purchases.

Statistics reveal that more than 50% of customers revisit the site upon receiving their abandoned cart notification, and when they do, they might also complete their purchase, thereby increasing your sales.
Use chatbots to increase product sales: You can use chatbots to upsell products on your website. Just like you use chatbots for product recommendations, you can make such recommendations at the end of a purchase and keep those recommendations based on items already purchased. This is called cross-selling.

You suggest related products to customers, and since customers want to close sales quickly, they might also buy the product you’re offering. This significantly helps to increase sales.

Use chatbots to enhance customer experiences: Improving customer experiences is a crucial way to increase sales. The better experiences you offer to customers, the more likely they are to return to your business and make purchases.

Good customer experiences generate loyalty, and chatbots play a crucial role in improving customer experiences.
You can be available to customers 24/7, eliminate language barriers, and respond almost instantly, which is essential for an excellent customer experience.

Are you ready to start using chatbots on your website?

Now that you know how chatbots work and how they can help boost your sales, don’t miss the opportunity to implement them on your website with Channel Automation! Request a demo to learn more!

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