How to Respond to a Negative Google Review: Expert Insights

How to reply to a negative google review

Vic Sun

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In the fast-paced digital age, a business's online reputation can be the make-or-break factor for potential customers. With the prevalence of online reviews, especially on platforms like Google, it's crucial for businesses to proactively manage their reputation. In a recent episode of the "Channel Automation Podcast," expert Todd Lewis from Reputation MD shared valuable insights into maintaining a positive online image and effectively responding to negative reviews.

The Power of Reputation Management

Todd, highlighted the significance of online reputation for businesses. He emphasized that an excellent online reputation can significantly impact lead conversion and revenue generation.

Understanding the Online Landscape

In today’s digital world, customers often form opinions based on online reviews before making a purchasing decision. Businesses need to actively manage these reviews to present a positive image.

Navigating Negative Reviews

Todd also stressed the importance of addressing negative feedback promptly and professionally. Instead of arguing with reviewers, businesses should consider reaching out to resolve the issue privately. Responding with empathy and a genuine willingness to rectify the problem can turn negative experiences into positive ones.

The Role of Automation

Automation is key to facilitating the review solicitation process. By using video messages and automated notifications, businesses can encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews. This approach streamlines the process and increases the likelihood of receiving more reviews.

Managing Budget for Reputation Improvement

By investing in reputation management, businesses can increase their visibility, gain more qualified leads, and secure higher conversion rates. The positive impact on revenue and growth can often outweigh the initial cost.


In the digital age, a business’s online reputation holds immense power. Negative reviews can be detrimental, but they also offer opportunities for improvement and growth. Taking a proactive approach to reputation management, responding to negative reviews with empathy and professionalism, and using automation to facilitate review solicitation are key strategies discussed in the podcast.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can businesses build their reputation from scratch?

Todd Lewis advised that building a positive reputation depends on the industry. For instance, service-based industries can solicit reviews from satisfied clients. It’s important to understand the industry’s dynamics and choose the right platforms for reviews, such as Google Business, Yelp, BBB, etc.

Should businesses respond to negative reviews?

Lewis strongly recommended responding to every review, positive or negative. When addressing negative reviews, he suggested reaching out to the customer promptly, listening to their concerns, and offering a solution. Responding within 24 hours can lead to positive outcomes.

How can businesses recover from an overwhelmingly negative reputation online?

Lewis stressed the importance of mediating complaints, staying ahead of negative reviews, and soliciting positive reviews from satisfied clients. He also mentioned leveraging automation to efficiently collect positive reviews.

What's the ROI of reputation management?

Vic Sun explained that businesses can calculate ROI by considering the potential additional sales resulting from a better reputation. Investing in reputation management can lead to increased lead conversion and revenue generation.

In a world where customers rely on online reviews to make decisions, businesses must actively manage their online reputation. By responding to negative reviews professionally, using automation to collect positive reviews, and understanding the ROI of reputation management, businesses can thrive in the digital landscape.

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