Hoski Media Launched A Partnership With Channel Automation

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Victor Sun, CEO of Channel Automation, says that the two companies share similar values around creativity and innovation. “We both believe in creating great content and being creative,” he explains. “This partnership allows us to combine our strengths and expertise to help clients succeed online. We’re thrilled to partner with Hoski Media who shares our vision for helping brands grow through digital media and innovation”

We are proud to announce that we have joined forces with Hoski Media, a video production company for conversion and optimization!

Together, we are bringing together two industry leaders who share similar values and vision. We believe that there is a big opportunity for us to collaborate with each other and offer a complete solution for any business looking to improve their technology stacks,  conversions, and ROI.

Channel Automation is a cloud-based omnichannel and marketing automation platform that helps businesses streamline customer communication and lead management using an innovative approach, so they can personalize interactions between customers and businesses, optimize campaigns, and measure results. They also enable businesses to focus on the things that matter most – like driving sales and increasing revenue.

Hoski Media provides content creation services for clients who want to use videos to drive conversions through their websites or apps. Their team creates compelling stories that help businesses achieve business goals by optimizing their online presence using video.

 “We believe that video should be used as a tool to convert visitors into customers,” says Antonio Boccanfuso, CEO at Hoski Media. “Our goal is to become the first choice for video production companies looking to produce quality content for their clients. “We also aim to become the preferred solution for businesses looking to convey their story through video selling.”

Learn more about Channel Automation and Hoski Media

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